The Burden  of Love and forgiveness?

Reflection, is a wonderful gift.  Time to reflect , with an open heart and mind is a blessing.

Often times, when God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have talked with me, I have thought that I was the
messenger to for someone else.

Well, how wrong was I!!

Our God wants and intimate relationship with each of us.  Intimate collectively and individually.  We
must, OK, I must remind myself of this.

Last winter, as I began to allow our Lord into my life, I was travelling through upstate New York.  A
significant winter storm coated the countryside with over a foot of the white, fluffy, powdery snow.  The
following day, the bright winter sun, was alone in the deep winter blue sky.

All the trees were covered in new snow.  I happened to notice that  the saplings and younger trees had
their glistening white branches uplifted to the sky.  It appeared that the trees themselves were
praying.  I felt the joy of life flowing from these trees

The larger, mature trees on the other hand  appeared to be burdened by the glistening snow on their
hunched branches.  The very same coating of snow appeared to be gray and had began to fall off.  
There was no feeling of joy as I passed these stands of trees.

Then a whisper caught my ear and my heart,  "How can you be burdened by Love?"

When God blesses us, provides for us, forgives us, Loves us, how do we respond?

When we sin, and God still  blesses us, provides for us, forgives us, Loves us, how do we respond?

When  we sin, against God and our families and friends and we are forgiven and are Loved; how do we

Do we lift up our arms and Praise and Worship God?  Do we thank those who forgave us  with a happy,
open heart.

Or do we lower our eyes and arms and declare that we are not worthy of such Love and forgiveness.  
Do we feel the weight of our own sin and guilt bearing down on us?  

For me, I was burdened, a terrible weight settled in my heart.  How can all these people forgive me?  
How can they forgive me?;  When I have not forgiven myself.

One day Carol and I were reflecting upon our ordeal, and we discussed the
snow covered trees.  Carol was crying, saying that the vision was meant for me.  Wham! It hit me.  God
had  whispering directly to ME that day.  Carol had already knew that,   I had to figure that out.  

Had I opened my heart  and mind to the scriptures, my arms would have been reaching upwards, rather
than hunched over a lot sooner.

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